13th Central European Round Table (2017)




13th CERT Vienna 2017 – List of Participants  FINAL


Danube Strategy and Civil Society (EUSDR-PA 10, DCSF):

EU Cohesion policy post-2020 (Monika Vana, MEP):
13CERTvienna2017_MonikaVanaMEP_Presentation Future of Cohesion Policy post-2020

Lithuania (Peasants and Greens Union):

Hungary (PM – Dialogue):
Presentation about Zugló at 12th CERT (2016)

Hungary (Civil society):

Macedonia (DOM – Democratic Renewal of Macedonia):
13CERTvienna2017_Macedonia_Presentation DOM Local Election Campaign 2017

Croatia (Zagreb je NAŠ! – Zagreb is OURS!):

European Green Party (Vesna Jusup):

Czech Republic (Brno):




Vienna (district 2, Leopoldstadt):


(by Gerhard Jordan, Raphaela Njie, Doris Pilz and Ivan Zelenić)

Thursday, 12th October 2017:

Evening gala “Alternative voices from Eastern Europe” in the “House of the European Union”.
Welcome by MEP Monika Vana (Die Grünen Austria, since November 2017 vice-president of Greens/EFA Group in the EP).

Evening gala, welcome by Evelyne Huytebroeck, EGP (European Green Party) Committee Member.

Evening gala, input by Tamás Meszerics, MEP of LMP-Politics can be different (Hungary).

Evening gala, input by Simona Petrík, MP in Slovakia (new party “Spolu”-Together).

Evening gala, input by Lilijana Popovska, MP of DOM-Democratic Renewal of Macedonia.

Evening gala, input by Bronis Ropė, MEP of LVŽS-Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union.

Evening gala “Alternative voices from Eastern Europe”, from left to right:  Michael Schmid (chairperson of co-organizer “Grüne Bildungswerkstatt Wien”), Evelyne Huytebroeck (EGP, Brussels), Lilijana Popovska (MP, DOM, Macedonia), Monika Vana (MEP, Die Grünen Austria), Simona Petrík (MP, Spolu, Slovakia), Bronis Ropė (MEP, LVŽS, Lithuania) and Tamás Meszerics (MEP, LMP, Hungary).

Evening gala, Monika Vana and Ivana Cabrnochová (Ex-Senator, Strana Zelených, Czech Republic, since 2016 local councilor in Prague-district 10).

Evcening gala, reception and talks with speakers.

Friday, 13th October 2017:

Panel “Macro-regional strategies and the involvement of civil society”, from left to right:  Raphaela Njie (Grüne Bildungswerkstatt Wien, moderator), Stefan Lütgenau (DCSF-Danube Civil Society Forum, Foster Europe Foundation), Daniela Urschitz (City of Vienna, EU Strategy for the Danube Region/Priority Area 10), Monika Vana (MEP and Member of the Committee on Regional Development).

Panel “Macro-regional strategies and the involvement of civil society”, Daniela Urschitz and Stefan Lütgenau.

Panel “Macro-regional strategies and the involvement of civil society”, Raphaela Njie, Daniela Urschitz and Stefan Lütgenau.

Panel “Macro-regional strategies and the involvement of civil society”, discussion (input by Magdalena Wagner, local councilor of Die Grünen in Vienna, district 18).

“Graphic recording” by artist Veronika Götz.

Input “The Greens/EFA position paper on the future of EU Cohesion Policy”: Raphaela Njie, Monika Vana and Pam Bartlett-Quintanilla.

Monika Vana’s presentation on Cohesion Policy post-2020.

Input “How to prevent corruption in the use of EU funds” by Pam Bratlett-Quintanilla (Greens/EFA Group, Working group “Transparency & Democracy”).

Discussion on input “How to prevent corruption in the use of EU funds”, question by Thomas Prorok (KDZ-Centre for Public Adminstration Research, Vienna, Co-editor of the book “The future of Europe – built on strong municipalities. Impact of the European Union on local authorities”).

Conversations during lunch break.

Afternoon inputs:  “Learning from each other”, about succesful election campaigns and challenges in Central and East European countries.
Presentation “From green country to green government” by Tomas Tomilinas, MP of LVŽS-Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union.

In the general elections of October 2016, LVŽS became strongest party in Lituania with 54 out of 141 seats, afterwards forming a coalition government with the Social Democrats.

Round Table on the situation in Hungary, Gerhard Jordan (moderator) and Gábor Erőss (PM-Dialogue for Hungary, local councilor in Budapest-district 8).

Round Table on Hungary, input by Gábor Erőss.

Round Table on Hungary, input by Szilvia Temesvári, member of the Mayors’ office in district 14 of Budapest, Zugló.
The picture on the slide shows district Mayor Gergely Karácsony and Deputy Mayor Rebeka Szabó (both PM).

Round Table on Hungary, input by Zoltán Páli, Co-president of LMP Youth wing (“Future can be different”), on perspectives of Greens for 2018.

Round Table on Hungary, presentation by Veronika Móra, Director of NGO “Ökotárs Foundation”, on resistance against legislation restricting civil society activities.

Round Table on Hungary, discussion. Question by Faika El-Nagashi, municipal councilor in Vienna and board member of Grüne Bildungswerkstatt Wien.

Introduction on Green campaigns in West Balkan countries by Robert Godina (Working Group “Baltic to Balkans” of Greens/EFA Group).

Presentation by Marija Skumanova (Youth Wing MODOM) on the local election campaign of DOM.
Update:  After forming a new government by former Left-Green-Liberal opposition block and parties of the Albanian minority in Spring 2017, this coalition won the local elections on 15 October 2017. The party of former (authoritarian) Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, VMRO, only won 5 out of 81 municipal mayors. DOM got 19 seats in local councils – i.a. one in the City of Skopje and 6 in Skopje urban districts.

Presentation on the Municipal election campaign in Zagreb, Croatia.
In May 2017, “Zagreb je NAŠ!”, a new green-left coalition of 4 lists, scored 7.6% of the vote and won 4 seats in the City Assembly, plus seats in 12 out of 17 district councils. Tomislav Domes (local councilor in district 10 speaking).

Presentation on Zagreb, from left to right:  Marijana Rimanić and Tomislav Domes (Zagreb), Marija Skumanova (DOM, Macedonia) and Jelena Zenko Milović (Zagreb).

Presentation on Zagreb, Jelena Zenko Milović (local councilor, district 10) speaking.

Presentation on Zagreb, Ivan Zelenić (Zagreb je NAŠ!/Za Grad, local councilor in district 13) analyzing election results.

Presentation on Zagreb, discussion. Question by Katarina Pavlović from Serbia (CDN-Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe).

Presentation by Vesna Jusup (EGP office Brussels, assistant for member party relations) on Gender Politics in European Green Parties.

Vesna Jusup (EGP) and Doris Pilz (assistant of MEP Monika Vana, Brussels).

Dinner in the pub “MILL” in Vienna’s 6th district.  Monika Vana speaking, behind her (to the right) Martin Margulies, municipal councilor and Third President of the Regional Parliament of Vienna.

Saturday, 14th October 2017:

Monika Vana introducing the programme of the day.

Presentation of the video film “50 Jahre Gastarbeiterabkommen Österreich-Jugoslawien. Jung trifft Alt”  – “50 years Guest Workers Treaty between Austria and Yugoslavia. Young meets old” – by Emina Adamović and Aleksandar Rudić (“Bečka Grupa” section of GMW-Green Migrants of Vienna).

“Bečka Grupa” activists interviewed members of the first “guest worker” generation migrating from Yugoslavia to Vienna during the 1960ies and 1970ies, and their grand-children.

Video film of “Bečka Grupa”, discussion. Question by Arūnas Gražulis, Lithuania (assistant of MEP Bronis Ropė).

“Poster fair” on reports and “best practices” from participating countries, Raphaela Njie introducing.

“Poster fair”, Marija Skumanova (Macedonia) with DOM presentation.

“Poster fair”, presentation of Wanda Majewska, Poland (Partia Zieloni, local councilor in Warsaw, neighbourhood of Białołęka Dworska).

“Poster fair”, presentation of Michal Závodský, Strana Zelených, Czech Republic (local councilor in district Brno-Center), on Green campaign to remove commercial billboards from public space in Brno.

“Poster fair”, question by Mária Szendefy, LMP (Szenna, Somogy county, Hungary).

“Poster fair”, presentation of the new political group “Spolu”, Slovakia.

“Poster fair”, presentation by Ivan Zelenić, Zagreb (Croatia).

“Poster fair”, presentation by Tomas Tomilinas, Lithuania.

“Poster fair”, presentation of Zaritsa Dinkova (Co-Chair of “Zelenite”, Bulgaria), speaking with Hatixhe Latifi-Pupovci (Municipal councilor of “Vetëvendosje!”-“Self-determination!”, Prishtina/Kosovo) and Robert Križanič (chairperson of SMS-ZELENI, Slovenia, former local councilor in Ptuj).

“Poster fair”, Monika Vana and Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel (Municipal councilor of Die Grünen Vienna, board member of ENGS-European Network of Green Seniors).

Feedback round.

Participants of the 13th CERT in the courtyard of the headquarters of Die Grünen Vienna, Lindengasse 40 (district 7).

Excursion to district 2, Leopoldstadt. At the “Karmelitermarkt”, Im Werd, center of the “Jewish quarter” of Vienna.

Excursion to district 2, Leopoldstadt. Meeting with Green District Mayor Uschi Lichtenegger (left).
In September 2016, Die Grünen surprisingly scored 35.3% of the vote in the local election and came in first, thus gaining the position of District Mayor that has by then always been held by the Social Democrats.

Excursion to district 2, presentation by local councilor Bernhard Seitz about the activities of Die Grünen Leopoldstadt.

Excursion to district 2, CERT participants with Mayor Uschi Lichtenegger (in the center) and local councilor Bernhard Seitz (left) in the mayor’s office, Karmelitergasse 9.

Excursion to district 2, walk through Rudolf-Bednar-Park, the central place of an urban development area called “Nordbahnhof-Viertel” (around the former Northern Railway Station of Vienna).

Excursion to district 2, “Nordbahn-Halle” (Leystrasse 150/Taborstrasse),  a temporary info and meeting point of the “Nordbahnhof-Viertel”.

Info on the planning processes in the quarter around former Nordbahnhof station.

Simon Gergely Császár (International Secretary of LMP, Hungary) on the tracks of the former freight station of Nordbahnhof.

Excursion to district 2, visit of the alternative housing project “Wohnprojekt Wien”, Krakauer Strasse 19 (40 flats, built 2011-2013).

“Wohnprojekt Wien”, common gardening.

“Wohnprojekt Wien”, the “Library Room”.

“Wohnprojekt Wien”, common space on the rooftop, and view down to Rudolf-Bednar-Park.