Green Party Groups in various


Greens of Amsterdam  (Groen Links)

Greens of Barcelona/Catalonia  (IC-V)

Greens of Berlin  (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen)

Greens of Bern  (Grüne Freie Liste;  Grünes Bündnis)

Greens of Brussels  (Ecolo)

Greens of Budapest  (LMP – Politics can be different;  PM – Dialogue for Hungary)

SF Copenhagen
(SF/Socialist Peoples’ Party is a full member of EGP-European Green Party)

Greens of Dublin  (Green Party)

Greens of Helsinki  (Vihreät)

Greens of London  (Green Party)

Greens of Luxembourg  (Déi Gréng)

Greens of Madrid  (EQUO)

Greens of Oslo  (MDG)

Greens of Paris  (Europe Écologie – Les Verts)

Greens of Prague  (Strana Zelených)

Greens of Stockholm  (Miljöpartiet de Gröna)

Greens of Vienna  (Die Grünen)

Greens of Zurich  (Grüne)

Green Local Groups in AUSTRIA

In Austria, there are over 1,400 Green local councilors, among them approximately 45% women. Using the links below, you can find out contacts in the various towns and villages.


Lower Austria

Upper Austria







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