Greens in Big Cities Meeting 2012

The 7th GBC Meeting was held from 28th-30th June 2012 in Thessaloniki, 100 years after this city had become a part of the Greek state. On this occasion, multicultural heritage and politics of inclusion were chosen as main topics.

In the first two days, the conference „Thessaloniki 2012 – towards a Green, Open and Inclusive city“ took place in the Town Hall of Thessaloniki, jointly organized by the GBC Network, the (newly opened) Greek office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation, the Greek „Green Institute“, the Ecologist Greens of Greece and the local Green group „Active Citizens – Ecology in Action“.

On the third day, the GBC meeting was held as a seminar with exchange of experiences and good practices, particularly for – and with – Greek Green local and regional councillors. Nearly two thirds of them participated. Altogether, Greens from 10 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland) were present.


Greens in Big Cities Meeting Thessaloniki June 2012 – PHOTOS

The Greek „Green Institute“ has a documentation of the conference as well:

– in Greek:

– in English:

as well as of the seminar:


Downloads of the Presentations

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